Hi, I’m Shantanu Salgaonkar

I’m a designer with 9 years of experience designing products, design systems and brands. Currently, I’m on the experience design team at QuickBooks in Intuit. Before that I worked at Rockbot, was the Art Director at Communication Arts and led the design team at RepIndia. I have been lucky enough to start my career alongside some insanely talented people at Itu Chaudhuri Design, Codesign and Quick Brown Fox.

I’m almost always listening to music on my prized noise-canceling headphones. I love writing and making photos. If you wanna know more about me and my work, drop a line or shoot me a tweet.

* Image on the left is from a poster I made in my second year at design school, about how I view typography in design.

Things I have done at Intuit.

Since April 2018, I have been a part of the QuickBooks’ First Impressions team at Intuit and worked on a lot of interesting projects. However, I have to lock this section for NDA reasons. So, drop me a line to see the work that I do here.

Case studies from the start-ups I was a part of.

Shipped 2018

Launched 2017

Other case studies from the past.

Launched 2012

Launched 2013

Launched 2014

Aol Hackathon Winner 2016

Launched 2012

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