Magic Carpet


The objective of this exercise, was to drive user acquisition by optimizing the expert chat experience and essentially help the user find what they are looking for.

My Role

I drove the design with support from Senior Designer Reg Kong. We reported to Principal Designer Ashutosh Kaushik and were supported on content by Senior Content Designer Osas Obaiza and Design Researcher Katja Spreckelmeyer.

The pricing page is the second highest trafficked page on but only converts 3% of new visitors.

Our hypothesis is that users get overwhelmed by the product lineup and have difficulty making a choice. Sales & Chat teams are in contact with prospects on a daily basis, guiding them to the right products, and addressing their questions and concerns. Inside sales/chat conversion rate is 25% of sales calls, which is much higher than the 3% web conversion rate for new visitors. The task was to create an experience that guides users to inside sales, hence improving our chances of conversion.

Top: A map of one of the tests done on the pricing page. The percentages shows concentration of elements users see and engage with the most.

Problem statement

How might we help users find the right product with the help of the sales team.


During our brainstorming sessions we decided to create a design, one that I would drive, to build a widget that would bunch all the resources required by a user to get in touch with a sales agent.

The Magic Carpet is designed to be a widget on the pricing page

The Magic Carpet is positioned on the bottom of the browser and appears 5 seconds after page load. Selecting an option activates the collapsed version with the appropriate action.

I used Principle to mock the interactions.

In some of the initial sketches I explored different types of widgets


Clear messaging that spoke directly to what the user is looking for.

Phone Number

The sales phone number for old-school users.


A chat function that let's users chat with an expert for quick questions.


A call-back function that helps users, with busy days, schedule a call back.

Minimized state

A minimized state that prompts users if they're looking for help.


Our testing hypothesis was that by increasing the flow of users to sales agents, we would increase overall conversion by 10%. During testing, Magic Carpet exceeded expectations. We saw a 70% increase in calls to sales agents which increased the conversion rate for sales agents by 18%. The web conversion rate also saw a slight up-tick going from 3% to 4%. Overall, the conversion rate increased by 23% during testing. Magic carpet has now been rolled out for all users.



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