How might we build a visual language for the idea of potency?


Wildstone is an Indian premium lifestyle brand that brought the first serious and successful challenge to ‘Axe’ that had dominated the Indian landscape for years. It took the idea masculinity on its head provided something fresh in a saturated market.

What was the challenge?

My main task was to visually convey the idea of potency while being on brand with the rest of wildstone’s product roster. The design needed to carry visual cues that pointed to the product category yet at the same time unique enough to stand out in the category.

Image on Cover: The packaging for the Wildstone perfumes.

TEAM Richa Bhargava, Vrinda Bagheria, Shantanu Salgaonkar

Wildstone entered a market, dominated by Axe, as a disruptive brand. They developed a brand story built on an assertive and charged personality. The brand story promotes the myth of surprise sexual encounters in everyday settings, initiated by the woman. Hence the ‘claw mark’.

This ‘claw mark’ expressed the idea of raw sexuality powerfully and blatantly.

This idea made Wildstone stand out in a saturated market.

But in 2016, the deo market saw the entry of a disruptive brand called ‘Fogg’, that used liquid instead of aerosol gas to deliver the perfume. Along with aggressive pricing, it sold on an 'honest value' platform. This caused a slew of competitors to react, including Wild Stone.

Wildstone reacted by creating a product that promised the potency of an entire can in just one spray. Hence the brand promise ‘Zara sa kaafi hai’, which translates to ‘A little goes a long way’.

Packaging for lifestyle products like perfumes and deodorants are the embodiment of the brand itself. To convey the idea of potency, which is important to the brand, I started looking for inspiration in visual cues that point towards potency. Where small entities pack immense amount of energy that explodes when released. With this, I started building a very unique visual design that was yet to be used on a deodorant product.

The perfumes commercial success meant that the product was expanded to a set of perfumes with different fragrances. The design was adapted to to the whole set and the 6 perfumes looked like a team of superheroes with variant abilities.

The visual language also gave cues to the advertising. The agency that created the advertising used the visual idea of potency through a single drop in the campaign it created.

The visual design took inspiration from the stillness of the ocean. A subtle, yet strong, image that conveys the deo’s potency

The visual language was punctuated with the Wildstone ‘claw marks’ that cut through the stillness and portrayed the raw masculinity that the brand promised.



Agency Itu Chaudhuri Design

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